The story that follows is true and was mailed to us by Rick & Laurie C. (Merrillville, IN).


Thank you for an excellent product. Enclosed are some pictures of our feral kittens Zellie-Isabelle (Diluted calico) and Milo enjoying their Purr Padds and tunnel. Your product brought them down from the basement rafters & onto our beds & into our family. Purr Padds are kitty magnets – they couldn’t resist, truly. We have given one to Fluffy (feral) who we believe to be their surrogate Mom. She brought us 5 kittens, 3 hers & these 2 who the vet said were at least 2 weeks older. We are trying to trap and neuter her. She is very smart and illusive. We call her our yard lion.

But we have caught a glimpse of her napping peacefully on her Purr Padd in the garage (we have a doggy door). She also leaves burrs and stickers and dirt etc. on it. She greatly appreciates it. We have been trying to catch her for 5 years. This is the first litter she brought to stay in the garage. We saw two kittens with her last fall but they didn’t move in. Perhaps it’s the Purr Padd we gave her this spring. We tell everyone of your great product.

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,
Rick and Laurie & the Fur Kids

P.S. It’s great for allergy people like my daughter Kris. They will sleep where you want them to and leave the hair and dander on their Purr Padd. She introduced the Purr Padd to us and we pass it on. It’s truly a blessing. The kittens hide in the tunnel and pounce on it and roll around in and on it. Its soo cute, better than T.V. We also have 3 big dogs. Is there a pad for them?