What if my cat doesn’t go to the Purr Padd® immediately?
Cats are curious but cautious and are sometimes not immediately attracted to the Purr Padd®. Give him/her time. You may want to place the Purr Padd® in your cat’s favorite spot. Cat owners tell us even their cautious cats end up loving the Purr Padd® within a few days.

Can I use the Purr Padd® to train my cat to sleep in a certain spot?
Sure! First place the PurrPadd® in your cat’s favorite spot, then slowly move it to the desired spot.

Are they available in other colors?
The PurrPadd® & Kuddle Kup® are now also available in white and charcoal.

How do I wash my Purr Padd® and Kuddle Kup®?
The PurrPadd® & Kuddle Kup® are semi disposable items. Although customers tell us they can be machine washed once or twice in a gentle cycle. For better results the product can be hosed off with a gentle spray.

Shake off excess water. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER the PurrPadd® and Kuddle Kup® are made of 100% polyester and material will melt in dryer.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. info@ktmfg.com