About Us

about_usk.t. manufacturing, inc. is located in Prosperity, South Carolina where we have been manufacturing pet beds and related pet care products since 1993. k.t mfg’s unique PurrPadd® cat bed is the number one selling cat bed in the U.S. We are proud that the PurrPadd® and most of our related pet care products are handcrafted in the USA and are made of 100% recyclable materials.

We at k.t. manufacturing, inc. value our environment so the fluff used in our products are made from 100% recyclable polyester. The corrugated packaging we use comes from sustainable wood fiber.

This unique, patented cat product is the #1 selling cat bed. Other related k.t. mfg. products are available nationwide at major pet chain stores, leading retailers, pet product catalogs and independent pet stores.

Look for other k.t. manufacturing products:

Kuddle Kup®
Kitty Kuddler®
Mini Kitten Kuddler®
Rest & Recovery Padd®
Bed n a Bag®

The Rest & Recovery Padd® is a k.t. manufacturing product sold to Veterinarians. The Rest & Recovery Padd® has been veterinarian tested and has received rave reviews, replacing towels & cardboard previously used in small animal recovery cages. It’s insulation properties minimize the risk of hypothermia.

Carolina Pet Company is our subsidiary company specializing in dog beds. Please visit our website to view our products; http://carolinapetcompany.com/

We are proud to also offer a special product designed for children undergoing medical procedures. Gabriel’s T-shirt was inspired by a mother’s love for her child.

Gabriel’s T-shirt is designed with comfort and dignity in mind for the patient undergoing medical procedures, specifically broviac and infusa-port. The fasteners on Gabrielle’s T-shirt can be opened to facilitate various hospital procedures such as monitoring, x-rays, thorax and upper abdomen examinations, and I.V. therapy without a gaping opening or causing removal of the garment.