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Gabrielle’s T-shirt is designed with comfort and dignity in mind for the patient undergoing medical procedures.

Hospital gowns are notoriously unsightly garments and the slit in the rear portion provides a line of sight to the patient’s back and buttocks, which may be a source of embarrassment to the patient. Another common complaint about hospital gowns is that they are paper thin and loose fitting, which causes patients to be cold. Gabrielle’s T-shirt provides the look and feel of a normal shirt but access to all areas of the upper body for medical procedures (Broviac & Infusaport…). The fasteners on Gabrielle’s T-shirt can be opened to facilitate various hospital procedures such as monitoring, x-rays, thorax and upper abdomen examinations, and I.V. therapy without a gaping opening or causing removal of the garment.

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“Inspired by a mother’s love for her child.”

The story:

“At the tender age of 5 years old, Gabriel was admitted to the hospital in with yet another severe headache. The MRI revealed a brain tumor. He immediately underwent several operations to remove the tumor. During his long recovery he had a huge bandage on his head and he had an IV drip and five tubes (going) to two different places. Being at his side all day long, I could tell Gabriel did not like his hospital gown.

He did not like the way it looked or felt, and it was not even convenient with all the tubes that were attached to him! As a mother, I had only one desire, to bring my little Gabriel comfort, so I took his favorite t-shirt and I began to tear it apart at the shoulders to make an opening wide enough for his bandaged head. Then I worked on the sides, I sewed in snap enclosures for medical tubes to conveniently pass.

When Gabriel finally put on the t-shirt I had designed for him, he said it made him feel more normal and less sick. And he smiled.

It is my hope that Gabriel’s t-shirt can help other children feel more normal and less sick, but most importantly make them smile.”

Valerie A., Anger, France

U.S. Patent #14/852,907


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